Anti-Corruption & Compliance

Shibolet’s Anti-Corruption and Compliance Practice, one of the first dedicated practices relating to this growing field in Israel, serves all present and future clients whose business may bring them into contact, either directly or indirectly, with foreign government officials.

Combating bribery is a major focus for the OECD, leading to Israel making bribery of a foreign public official a criminal offense for individuals and corporate entities in 2008, with severe penalties including lengthy prison sentences and multimillion-dollar corporate fines, among others.

The recognized best practice for defense against such corruption allegations, as recommended by the OECD, is to adopt and implement a robust internal anticorruption policy and associated procedures.

If your organization is involved in international transactions, you should therefore strongly consider taking immediate action to protect your assets and reputation. Shibolet can specifically tailor an effective anti-corruption compliance program to meet the company’s potential exposure to corruption, in part based on the extent of interaction with foreign officials in their capacity as clients, regulators, customs and tax officials, or as the grantors of license, permits, visas, and so on.

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