Corporate Compliance & Regulation

The Israeli market is characterized by challenging economic regulation, as well as effective administrative and civil enforcement. In this complex and ever-changing environment, Shibolet offers watertight compliance solutions based on expert insight and proven experience. At the Corporate Compliance & Regulation Practice, we have developed an interdisciplinary approach to designing compliance plans that protect various company stakeholders from legal and financial liability, while also facilitating optimal business flexibility.

Our familiarity with customary practices, the law and the markets allows us both to assist clients in their ongoing business activities and to provide strategic legal advice regarding new initiatives in core regulatory fields. We monitor legislative proceedings, government resolutions, and hearings regarding economic regulation, and this enables us to assist in the early detection of processes which could potentially impact clients, as well as providing full context for existing or desired regulatory actions.

We help companies establish and implement tailor-made compliance plans in various fields such as – antitrust, environment, anti-bribery, which may involve obtaining activity permits; performing risk and compliance assessments in corporations, trainings, and due diligence examinations; accompanying internal investigations and audits; assisting in implementing decisions following the completion of internal investigations; and representing clients vis-à-vis law enforcement entities and the Israeli parliament.

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