Medical Device

Shibolet brings unparalleled legal expertise and experience to bear in the medical technologies field, representing hi-tech companies that are pioneering revolutionary medical devices.

Our Medical Devices Practice always stays on top of all the latest medtech advances and breakthroughs, leveraging Shibolet’s international reach and resources combined with an in-depth understanding of each client’s unique approach and business goals.

Catering to Israeli companies, as well as international businesses working in Israel or with Israeli companies overseas, Shibolet has cultivated outstanding critical expertise and understanding regarding the nuances of medtech and the various legal ramifications that often constitute significant regulatory and marketing challenges. 

From the early stages of establishing a company, through attracting international investors and protecting clients’ rights amid such investments, to setting up efficient, profitable frameworks for distributing new medical products abroad, our team provides a detailed step-by-step legal process for navigating such waters.