The rapid development of e-commerce has brought with it manifold advantages for businesses and consumers alike, while also raising numerous significant legal implications related to service agreements and vendor contracts, data security and privacy compliance, intellectual property (IP) and licensing issues, and many more aspects of this burgeoning field.

Shibolet’s E-Commerce team supports retailers, distributors, internet giants, and payment providers on digitizing retail activities, driving connected commerce, establishing and maintaining online platforms, and so forth. As e-commerce regularly transcends geographic boundaries, we also advise clients on the additional complexities that arise when conducting cross-border retail sales online.

We help retailers procure enterprise e-commerce solutions, ensuring that the platform’s technology and operational features are interoperable with key business systems, processes, and channels. Through our insights into the local legal landscape and market practices, we ensure our clients are compliant with relevant regulations and implement appropriate contractual mechanisms to effectively govern digital platform usage, including: registration requirements; sector-specific regulations; user consent; terms of sale; and IP provisions, such as brand protection, domain names, use of third-party content, and licensing of proprietary content.