Ofer Larisch


Tel. 037778340Email. O.Larisch@Shibolet.com

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Ofer is a partner in Shibolet’s Dispute Resolution and Litigation practice,

Ofer has extensive experience in complex litigation and arbitration cases before all courts and tribunals, including international commercial disputes. In addition, Ofer has led various significant class actions, as well as complex commercial cases concerning intellectual property disputes.

DId you know

  • Ofer loves the healthy outdoors and keeps fit by running and hiking.
  • Ofer served as Co-Chairman of the Corporations Committee of the Israel Bar-Tel Aviv District as well as the Co-Chairman of the Litigation Committee of the Israel Bar Association.
  • “The plaintiff: ‘Rescue is misleading the consumers’; The Judge: ‘Who are we the little ones to throw away all the extracts?’.
  • “The Court ruled in favor of “Hashavim”: “This is modern reality”
  • Maabarot and Unipharm are approaching the termination of their partnership in Trima Pharmaceuticals
  • “Economic Court judges are too free, they will soon take on knitting…”
  • “How the Bar Association was beaten by the legal algorithms”
  • “Kibbutz Maabarot purchased 50% from Trima Pharmaceuticals for 31M NIS”
  • “You took Rescue and did not relax? You have nobody to complain about”
  • “Is AllJobs site allowed to charge money from job seekers?”
  • “After the battle against Livnat Poran: the failure of the new battle of the Bar Association
  • “The High Court of Justice: the courts management will not be able to prevent tracing verdicts in search engines”
  • The Court: there is no grounds for delaying Chemipal dividend payment to the controlling shareholder”
  • “If Sir does not wish to, do not use the site”: it was finally determined that AllJobs do not mislead their subscribers

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