Uriah Igaeli


Tel. 03-7778495Email. U.Igaeli@shibolet.com

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Uriah has rich experience in the real estate world, with emphasis on providing legal advice and represents entrepreneurs, contractors, private and public companies, individuals, institutions and associations, in a wide range of transactions and agreements at all stages, such as purchase and sale of new and second-hand apartments, land, factories and commercial properties, handling of complex residential projects, contracting with subcontractors and suppliers, pricing agreements for the buyer as well as arranging properties and listing of joint homes.

Uriah has specific expertise in representing business clients in commercial leasing agreements as well as handling complex transactions while finding solutions to enable them to be executed.

Uriah represents both tenants and entrepreneurs in urban renewal projects, including TAMA 38 and combination transactions, as well as representing foreign investors and large corporations from abroad, among other things in the purchase of rental real estate and long-term commercial property leases.

Uriah is a mentor to the Real Estate Department Interns.

Did you know

In his spare time, Uriah loves to cultivate the garden, read books and play tennis and table tennis with his children.